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I think if all cruise ships went smoke free, then they would all survive just fine. Smokers taking other trips well they could go to Vegas. On the other board it was mentioned that the UK, Scotland, Wales are all smoke free or was UK working on it. Anyway, I no longer go to Vegas. First trip in a long time my sister-in-law and her family went and we didn't go last winter. If this cruise, we are taking in the summer of '07, ends up being a smoke mess again, this will be the last cruise for me. I will just take a European trip to the land of no public smoke. Yes, you forgot about us non-smokers who will stop taking cruises if smoke is always in our face. On Carnival Valor you could eat, see the show and enjoy the music groups in the lounge, some pool areas were the only places that a non-smoker good breath easy. One evening the lounge was closed, because of a wedding, and there was nothing to do after the show for us non-smokers.

Smoking not being a problem in 10 years. I live in a town where smokers dominate (at least it feels that way). We walk every evening: I see young people walking on the streets smoking and feel so bad for them. The future they have ironed out for themselves. I've see alot of friends and family die from smoking related illnesses. Pickups and cars drive by us and I can smell the smoke. Walking by houses I can smell the smoke.

Our restaurants did go smoke free, but people stand in front to smoke. I haven't notice business slacking off at all.

I agree they should at least make most places smoke free on cruise ships, leave the cigar bar and one side of the public deck for smokers. Leave the cabins and balconies free of smoke, lounges, bars, and casinoes smoke free, and places that are smoke free now will continue. We are getting a balcony this cruise and i'm upset to hear how people can smell people smoking on other balconies. I forgot to make sure to get a smoke free cabin. I have to call my TA and see if we got a smoke free room.

Smokers I have nothing against you, just your smoke, lol. Smoke causes me to have nosebleeds, I lose my voice, and get headaches. That's why no more Vegas trips.
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