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Originally Posted by Hunkycruiser
Am i the only person that never tips on cruises? I thought after a recent trip I was considered the odd one out on our voyage, I chose not to tip, as I consider it insulting, to the employee in question. Like taking scraps from a table.
While I have heard of people who do not show up for dinner the last night in the dining room because they intend to stiff the waitstaff, I have never personally known such a person. Tipping is expected on cruiseships - you are even told what the suggested MINIMUM tip should be and given envelopes. With very few exceptions, I have found the service aboard ships to be over and above expectations and have tipped more.

I'm not sure where you are from, but do know that tipping is not common in European nations (which is why often cruises in that area tack on tips to the cruise fares). Even there, most restaurants will add a "service charge" onto the checks.

Let me ask you, when you go to a restaurant or hair salon or ride in a taxi, do you not tip so as not to "insult the employee in question?" How does the employee who has not been insulted in this way react? Do you ever go back????

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