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Originally Posted by You
Ok I have a couple tours booked in Mexico and meals are included, 2 tours are with the ship, one is private do I need to worry about Montezumas Revenge with a Carnival tour which includes food or with a tour to a Resort hotel? How does one avoid getting sick here if one eats off the ship?
Drink plenty of tequilla. It will kill anything that might harm you! ;-)

Seriously, the major cruise lines check out the restaurants on their tours pretty thoroughly to ensure that they use purified water. Likewise, the resorts that cater to American tourists have pruified water. The real danger is if you walk into a local restaurant on your own.

I should also mention that the Mexican government has been working to provide good drinking water in tourist areas as part of an effort to develop the tourist industry. Most of the restaurants in most of the ports of call on the Mexican Riviera are now safe as a result of this effort.

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