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First of all - everyone can dance! Take the youngest child, put on some music or clap your hands and there's dancing.

I myself am a lousy dancer. I could dance well with my late husband and was comfortable and felt beautiful dancing with him.....because HE was a good dancer. I have not enjoyed myself while dancing in many years. I've been approached by the "Gentlemen Hosts" on ships and have always declined their invitation. I feel awkward and stiff.

O.K. that's been my story. On the other hand, other than the one fabulous couple on every dance floor, who really looks at the rest of the people out there???? Have you ever said to someone - "Did you see that fool out there?" And if there is a "fool" out there -who cares??

There are too many people who go to their graves saying, "I didn't have any fun, but I looked cool". So, let's both go for it and dance our hearts out just because we feel like dancing! I will if you will!
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