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Default Favourite Dishes on Carnival Cruises

What were your favourite dishes on Carnival Cruises? I went on the Glory and the food in the dining room was absolutely delicious . Even the buffet food was good, especially the midnight Gala Buffet. There were so many beautiful cakes and a large ice sculpture of a dragon :o ! Here are my favourite dishes:

For breakfast:

-Eggs Benedict--very delicious and sinful, but you get full easily because of there are two eggs
-Danish pastry with custard centre
-Guava and Passionfruit juice--this one is really good!
-Smoked Salmon on Bagel--very good too

For lunch:

The Baby Back Ribs were nice

For dinner (the best part):

-Fillet of Tilapia with Butter Herb Sauce
-Lavender-flavoured Iced Souflee--very unique and tastes amazing

Formal Night 1:
-Mississippi Delta Prawns
-Lobster tail with butter--mine was a HUGE portion
-Vanilla and Raspberry CAke--one of my favourite desserts

-The beef on any night is great!

Formal Night 2:
-Proscuitto with Melon
-Shrimp in Beurre Blanc Sauce
-My brother had the Chateaubriand / Prime Rib (sorry, I don't really remember which one it is, but all beef on the Glory is outstanding). It looked really good, and he said that it was fantastic too

-Mango Cream--very, very, very nice; it's a must-try
-Grand Marnier Souflee
-I've also heard that the Bitter & Blanc (dark and white chocolate pudding) is excellent.

Lido Deck Buffet:

-Boullabaisse (it's on the upper level of the buffet, so the line isn't that long) is really good. Fresh scallops, red snapper, mussels and clams...
-Cured Tuna with Watermelon (on the upper level on the buffet too)
-Chocolate Cheesecake on the Chocolate Extravaganza day is yummy

Now, your turn...

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