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Default tipping

It happened so many times to me...the whole cruise they are like best friends to me...we talk, we lough... they are usually full of requests wich I am allways trying to take care of it...I do my best to make their cabin look nice..they promise me: we will take extra good care of you at the end of the cruise...and then last morning they sneek out from the cabin they don't even bother to say good bye. It happenes every cruise few cabins don't pay...and we know..because we get informations wich cabin payed and wich not...and they come to us last night hugging and kissing and telling us how we did an excellent job, they ask us if we will be around next morning because they want to say good bye and to thank us and then next morning they run away.What do you think how I feel then?They look me in my eyes and I know they are lying, they tell me "I tipped you good on my card, and I know they didn't, but I have to be polite and say thank you. I start to ask myself what I did wrong to those people...

I can give you plenty, plenty examples when guests don't pay...this is what happened to me once...luckily only was spring my section I had 20 cabins with teenagers...oh..that was a hard cruise...I must tell you to clean those cabins it takes so much time, you can imagine how messy they can be...sometimes I come in the cabin and I found vomit all over from alcohol, usually they order room service and they having food fight with that food, and the worst thing is that they sleep untill noon, untill they leave the cabin I am usually allmost done with my duty so I don't have so much time to spend in those cabins..I have 10 cabins to make in 1 hour and at 1 o'clock I have to return my keys an beeper in the office...oh many times I was late..
but what I wanted to say is that parents of those kids are usually in suite cabins, the whole cruise they never come to their kids room, they never meet me as they see only their cabin steward and at the end of the cruise they will not pay for the kids. They only pay to their cabin steward on their deck as he/she is the one they saw all the time...and believe me it is so much easier to clean parents is not so messy..
As I was saying from 20 cabins with teenage guests nobody ever payed me...that cruise I was working for free...
But on the other side there are allways nice people who tip us some extra so we don't loose much...I guess those people who don't tip they think company pays us, but on my last company I've got payed 70$ per month.+ I have to pay for my flight tickets, uniforms, my assistant and some other things.
I know lots of guests asking me how many cabins I have. when I say 28 then they start to count 28 x2(usually 2 persons per cabin) x 3.5$ per
person per day then I allways get same respond: O you are making more money than I do...
But not all people know that from 28 cabins I can be lucky if 20 pay me at the end...not to forget that half of that money goes to my the end that is not that much for that hard work.
Try to imagine work for 6 months without a day off, embarkation day we start at 6, sometimes even earlier and we finish that day at 10 in the night.
But on the other side the money is better from what I could make in my else I would get to travel around...and how else I would get a chance to meet all of you nice people who understand our hard work and who tipp us at the end of the cruise.
I don't want you think I am only complaining about the job...if I don't like it I wouldn't be doing it 4 years is just that I want you to see how is to be from the other side...I hope you will realize what your tip means to us...thank you!
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