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Originally Posted by Rev22:17

I don't think jeans or shorts are appropriate for the dining room, myself. Think of what you would wear to a really, really nice restaurant at home and dress accordingly.

Unfortunately, there are more than a few morons in this world who think that jeans, shorts, "T" shirts, and either flip-flops or ratty sneakers are quite acceptable at a nice restaurant....


Hey Norm, why don't you come to London, I'll take you to some fine restaurants and you can poke fun at all the "morons" wearing jeans and trainers. You might even get lucky enough to be thrown out after insulting most of the patrons of the restaurants.

I must say some just hate jeans and the people wearing them. You do realise that some people go to restaurants to eat, and not to judge people whom they do not know and comment on their attire.

Do you do this at home? if so, conversation at your table must be so entertaining.

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