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Would you be happy if ALL the major lines said...Ok, EVERY night is casual! Would you actually miss the formal nights, to the degree you define formal in your life?


Would you be thrilled to death, not having to shlep any dress clothes?

I would miss the "formal" evenings, but I also could live with the decision.

That said, I think that there's enough demand for both to support some lines going each way. If I ran a cruise company, I would split the fleet into three lines.

>> One line would offer a "traditional" cruise product with both "formal" and "semiformal" evenings amounting to about half of the evenings on each cruise,

>> One line would offer what's now a normal cruise product with two or three "formal" evenings, depending upon the length of the cruise, and the rest of the evenings being "casual," and

>> One cruise line would offer an "all casual" cruise product.

Each passeenger could then choose his or her preference of style.

If the cruise lines said, "okay, we have decided this is what the public wants, but NO JEANS PLEASE." Could it work?

Sure, so long as there's enforcement to back up the "NO JEANS PLEASE" because somebody is sure to try to get away with wearing jeans....

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