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Originally Posted by cruznut6

Aren't the "Millennium Class" ships considered "GTS" rather than "MV"? I agree with your description of both Classes. The one major difference I found was the vibration was nil on the Millennium Class ships in the dining area and aft when leaving shallow ports. I love all their ships and would sail any of them with the right itinerary.
You are correct in the fact that the four Millennium Ships are GTS. Apparently they think the Gas turbine is not producing enough electrical power via generators that the ship requires at certain times. I would persume that is the reason for installing a standard diesel generator for backup to be used at certain times. The pods run on electric power and that is the reason they are so smooth without vibration. There must be a defect in the design of the bearing cooling process causing the frequent failure on mostly the Infinity I think.
Vibration: When the ship is turning (on its own axis) or moving sideways there will be some vibration because the pods are turned at a right angle moving the ship sideways. This is the only time I noticed any vibration on any of the Millennium ships.
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