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Default Thanks for your reply

Thanks Dave & John
Wow.... you guys REALLY love Celebrity... how many cruises have you been on with them now? It is very discouraging to reead all the negative stuff people write. I guess they are either simply negative individuals, or like to nit-pick everything to death.. We are more of the "life is what you make of it" type individuals. I hope I do not have enough time to search through the public areas to find "thread-bare upholstery." I would rather enjoy the Alaskan scenery. I also find that people (crew) will probably treat you according to how they feel that they are being treated as well! At least that is our experience with waiters and witresses when dining out! We still anticipate that we will have a fantastic experience and hope we meet other gay couples in the process. Take care,

Mike and Bernie
Bernie and Mike

Celebrity Summit Southbound Cruise
Penthouse Suite 6147
Can you tell we are excited ? ?
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