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I'm in the Tampa, FL area.
Please tell me about the airfare TPA/LGA(?).
Please tel me about the balcony FARE.
I'm quiet, N/S. N/D, D/W/M, 63.
I'm quiet, and I ask you to be also.
I've done NCL WIND and STAR, each twice and I've LOVED them. I will only cruise 'freestyle'.

I can't wait to cruise again. I'm shopping for So. America and the Med. - Oh and Africa (probably not NCL)!

I do NOT know about backgammon. BUT, I'll allow you to teach me!

Let's get the deed DONE!
Are you over 21? You seem to have kept that a secret!
Bless you, my dear,
Dan Kelley
(727) 861-3391
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