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I’ve wrestled with this topic for awhile. I’ve debated it both ways. And I’ve given it a lot of thought.

And I’ve come to a conclusion.

Formal night means formal attire.

And as wild as this is going to sound, a tuxedo doesn’t qualify as formalwear…

By definition, formalwear is white tie, white vest, tails, and top hat.

And so here I am, a traditionalist. One perhaps a bit out of touch with today’s thinking, but one who believes that certain occasions are owed the respect due them.

I believe that gentlemen do not wear hats indoors. I believe that gentlemen remove their hats and stand at attention when the National Anthem is played. I believe that gentlemen stand when a lady approaches or leaves the table.

And I believe that you dress appropriately for the occasion. And that jeans are never appropriate for dinner.

And so to answer your question. Would it bother me if some passengers wore jeans to dinner? Well, yes it would…. It’s a matter of respect. Respect for the occasion. And respect for your fellow passengers.

I hope this answers your question – and I hope this response doesn’t hijack Trip’s post!

Happy cruising,

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