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Just did a post..dosent goes again....Holiday/Mobile 9/30..solo cruiser..have a hubby cruise in Jan Canal on Brilliance..many cruises ago got ill with cure in sight..over traveler also..Europe and UK..but my veins contain seawater, pref'ly Caribbean type to do dress up and in NW Fla 100 from Mobile. semi rtd..but fill my days w/ all kinds of projects..tx to all the latest tips n ideas..have emplemented many..havent seen this one...go to your bank get new pack of bill..consec #..take to printer n have the "note paper" glue on left edge..this does not deface..but causes quit a stir when offered.and makes to meet new friends...Actually traded un torn off bills in Greece for a nice discount on purchase of gold..they stay together, and in id case or lanyard..have even had service people say "no thank you"..but did convince in the end....$1's and $5's are a good idea..your gonna spend it anyway!..Fairwinds and following ses to all..judi/daaling
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