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Originally Posted by rescuedad
mstill, Us men do that stuff on purpose so it no longer becomes our responsibility. You may have won the battle that day but you lost the war! OL another win for the men!!

Forgot the nightlight. I like to read myself to sleep and at 2am all were asleep when I came in and had no light to read by!

Clothing List...have made one off my 'puter..his and hers all in one..4 to a, date, sea/ do a dry run of dress for the day on my rolling rack..fill out form..put jewelry in ziplok..attatch to hanger w/clothes pin or put in plastic shoebox for carry-on. clip lists apart add tio zip lok..this helps u remeber all to pack..and the age old question from hubby.".Honey, What am i wearin"..he loves it..2 cruises coming up one in 2 wks on Mobile/Holiday..9/30
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