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Default Re: First time cruisers that's us!

Originally Posted by Judy
hello all, I've been reading about all your fantastic adventures for a few days now and thought I should introduce myself! Midwesterners here, direct from the corn and soybean fields of Indiana...I work for a grain elevator and my husband works for a seed corn company...anyone have any tips you'd like to share with very "novice" cruisers thier first time out? sailing on the Triumph November 11th with another couple of first timers too, we're helping to celebrate their 25th anniversary.
Hi u will have our disease..when u get back home..forever..mine has lasted since 1969..and I h0pe to NEVER recover. have 2 in the oven..clothes on the bed for cat to sleep on whilst i pack for 9/30...also go to Cruise Critic web site...I make an "invoice type" list on my puter..for me/ day/date, morning/eve dress..tops/bottom, shoes/ etc for men..I co-ordinate for best advantage..write in pencil...revamp if necss. I even have colored pix I draw on margins..a line for misc..theme etc Hubby is no longer asking"honey what am i wearin" put jewels in ziplok..clip to outfit..when worn fold and put in suitcase if still in cabin...list goes in bag w/jewels(costume) nice stuff in safe..Doller Tree store ..get $1 over the door shoe hang bag..I put a small dowel rod..over door hanger(xmas wreath type) to affix to door. saves room on bath counter. If u r a constant sipper, take a big one..mine is for water/tea. get new pk of #1 bills from bank, take to a print shop,,get edge gummed..peel off when needed..they stay flat, w/o fumbling, and if u loose..only less than $50 cash in a pak. small toilet items, or buy (DT again) small amts of home size.xtra hangers. if u beach..get $1 shower curtain for sand..toss when done.nite lite clock, hi-liter, tape, sticky notes..flavored coffee creamer if u like. even if u like DR b' least get rm/serv for a.m. coffee while waking up..peel off a $ for steward....any other ?'s email
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