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Originally Posted by big apple
Better yet go to south Miami Beach and in particular any grocery store.Lived in Miami for 26 years and worked retail in that market.My advice is to be just as rude as they expeect this otherwise will walk all over you and not think anything of it.
N0oooooo! I for one, refused to let other people condition me.

We should have good manners no matter HOW others treat us. Good manners are not a coat that you put on or take off at our convenience. They should be deeply ingrained in us, so we response automatically in a kind manner.

If we treat others badly because they treat us that way...we're no better than they are. If we have children or grandchildren...what are they learning?

We should do what's right because it's right...accept the fact, we won't always be appreciated for it...BUT that's not why we do what's right anyway, is it?
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