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Default Maybe there is a serial killer preying on cruise tourist

You know it really bothers me to hear there is another woman missing while on a cruise. Have we really gave it some serious thought that maybe its some serial killer or terrorist preying on innocent people. A crazed maniac among the employees or among the passengers. What if someone pushed or tossed the passengers makeing sure no one could hear or see. We are very vunerable on these ships.
I read a couple of months ago a young lady was reported missing and later found her body washed up on thebeach of Italy. She was sailing with her family and friends on Royal Carib.
This is terrible and crimes on board ships should be taken very seriously. i read where a young lady described her rape on the ship. Almost everyone accused her of making it up. Some said she asked for it by going to the employee's cabin. I believed her. Just because they are staff and from other countries doesn't mean they aren't bad people. Lets have fun but be careful, OK.

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