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Here is some info that I found that might help.

Carnival Cruise Tips
1. If you don’t like what is offered on the main menu, you can ask the waiter for either a steak or grilled chicken.
2. Any pasta item on the main menu CAN be ordered as an appetizer. Just ask.
3. Post cards, foreign postage stamps and playing cards are available at the pursers desk.
4. Get a FREE lanyard at the Casino. Pursers desk will punch a whole in it for you.
5. 24 hour pizza place also serves Calzones and Caesar salads. If you want a special topping and they have it they will make you that pizza.
6. Go to tea-time they have different snacks and its a nice place to relax
7. Ask the steward if you forget something ie toothpaste...they often have samples
8. Bring baggies of assorted sizes. For saving snacks for excursions and wet clothes.
9. Take the tour of the galley
10. They have an early and late night seating as well as captain’s party...take advantage of both for double free drinks.
11. Bring on own bottles of water, and soda and save $$$
12. Bring a reusable cup with lid...less trips to get a drink
13. Ask for your drink in a plastic cup (not the fancy one ) saves $$$
14. You may be able to eat free lunch at the places they charge for dinner
15. Orange juice is available at the same place all day they just remove the label
16. You may get a free facial if you call the spa and ask to be a volunteer.
17. Tie a bright ribbon/scarf to your luggage for easy spotting. Also can work on cabin door
18. When the regular hot tub is too full, use the spa one.
19. Use of the sauna/steam room is free
20. Use the spa shower if multiple people need to shower at same time
21. Ask for children’s dessert menu (banana splits)
22. Bring Duct tape
23. Bring a highlighter
24. Bring post it notes
25. Sit close at the port talks sometimes they toss out free stuff
26. You can ask for extra pillow chocolates
27. bring an extension cord/power strip
28. Early and extra tips for stewards = more perks for you
29. You can order free drinks from the bar in the room at Captains dinner as opposed to those on the tray.
30. Bring travel hooks to hang stuff in your room
31. Bring a few paper funnels to make filling the water bottle easier.
32. Bring towels from home to avoid fearing losing one
33. Take a hand towel with you to the beach it will help remove sand and is handy for lots of other things too
34. Baby powder helps remove sand
35. Use a magnet to trick the balcony door into thinking its closed to keep the air on
36. Most ships have a secret door...find it
37. you can also print cards to take with you on the layout of the ship...simply use a word document...format in normal 8pt bold: Times New Roman: 8pt and divide into for equal columns.
38. Self disembarkation is FASTER
39. It is possible to ‘smuggle’ alcohol on board
40. Make sure to stock up on "snacks" before debarkation. The wait can be pretty long and everything is closed during this time. Except for the coffee shop which takes cash
41. Cards become demagnetized don’t use your credit card for the room safe
42. If the safe will not open call the desk they will send someone to open it
43. If you get sea sick you can go to the Pursers desk and ask for pills. They are free there
44. use your telephone for leaving each other messages in the cabins
45. Did you know you can call Carnival's Bon voyage department and pre-order alcohol to be delivered to your cabin? You can order bottles of hard liquor so that you can make your own drinks. You can't order online. You must call to set this up. It is a little pricey but worth it and cheaper than buying by the drink.
46. Do walk the entire ship on your first day
47. You can also ask your Room Steward for the book that is in your cabin
48. Bring a night light/ alarm clock
49. bring water shoes
50. The ship uses two types of toilet paper. Both are made by the same company. The sandpaper they call "envision" you will not want to subject your bottom to for 8 days. Ask your room steward to make sure that your stateroom is stocked with the "preference" paper instead.
51. Bring a sweater the dining room can be cold

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