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Default 1st timers with kids -- dress code & other questions!

Okay, trying to be brief, but we sail on 9/18/06, on Carnival Ecstasy for Western Carribean cruise! Can't wait!!

We'll have 3 boys with us, ages 8, 5 & 1 (18mos).

Dress code for kids -- can the big boys wear dressy shorts with polos and belt for dinner on non-formal nights?? (dressy = slacks material/style but in shorts) If not, can they wear nice jeans (dark, not faded or ripped, classic style, not baggy or anything)??

Dress code for the kids for formal night -- slacks and button shirts? Do they need a tie?? Please tell me they don't need a jacket!! (do they??)

Dress for the baby -- he's 18 mos, but small, wears 12 mos. can he get by with more casual wear? Shorts & polos (maybe denim shorts though) for dinner? Formal night, does he need pants/shirt too?? Help!!

Daytime dress for kids -- I"m planning nice denim shorts and nice t-shirts (solids, or with stripes, but no slogans/characters/etc.) -- is that good for the big boys?? They'll be with us or in Camp Carnival....

Daytime dress for baby -- can he wear cute one-peice outfits? not onesies, but actual little rompers/outfits? Just during the day??

Pool and baby -- some have said bring baby pool, but others have said deck is too crowded -- how strict are the cruise lines/other guests about a baby in swim diaper + swim suit that has built in rubber pants being in the splash pool for kids??? (not in the main big pools)

Assuming they are strict, suggestions for dh & I being able to enjoy the pool if we can't take baby? He's too young for the camp carnival....are we just out of luck?? (this is going on my comment card at the end, btw; carnival does not have this policy on their website that I can find; I would have majorly reconsidered planning a cruise if dh, baby & I can't swim at all)
Thanks for any tips/advice!! I appreciate it!
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