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Default 1st timer w/tender port questions -- cozumel

Hi all! We're cruising on Carnival Ecstasy to Western Carribean on 9/18/06, and I have some questions!

(been all over the forums today, check my kids questions on the family forum and my newbie questions on the 1st timers forum )

main question -- tender port -- someone explain this to me, please! How do we get from the big ship to the little boat?? And back on the big ship again??? I'm picturing ladders dangling down the side of the ship, please tell me that I"m wrong! (and then laugh to yourselves at the silly newbie )

how hard is it to get on/off the tender boat with kids, one a toddler who'll be in a baby sling?? (the other 2 are ages 8 & 5)

how severly is this going to limit our time on Cozumel -- I read elsewhere that some were cut to 4 hrs on the island because of tender schedules; is this pretty accurate??

can we all fit in the taxi (5 of us, 1 a lap child)?? and are we nuts to go off on our own for our first cruise? we're planning either a cab to mr sanchos or to a spot on the east side of the island (been researching for ideas). Tips on doing this???

and, lastly, anyone done the cozumel mini golf before??? anyone know how to find out the price???

Thanks!! Appreciate it!
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