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First of all Krunch relax ,When you get on board ask at pursers desk about galley tour.
When you order dinner look at you menu any pasta items can be used as
an appetizer too like I said.
You can request the time you want to eat dinner if you are not happy with time ask Matridee to change look at S&S card when you board tells ya time & table.
Some bigger ships have supper clubs sometimes you can get lunch there.(for free they have a charge of about $ 30 @ dinner)
before you go into port they have talks (lectures) how to be careful etc. they give away things.
Make a list for your stewart and give a taste of tip, tell him or her look out for me I will look out for you.
The formal night they have a captins party they have free drinks there. go to the bar and order rather than tray.
The staff push the funship drinks in a carnival glass ,at the bar tell them you want dod in regular glass.
When you go on balcony and have door open it shuts off air it can get stuffy inside cabin , you can get a little magnet @ hardware store to trip ac cutoff so ac runs.
Some ships have a secret door to go to bow area and crew areas.

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