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Originally Posted by LisaK
shorts are not allowed in the dining rooms during dinner hours
casual wear for dinner: khakis, cargo, dockers type pants with a polo, button-down short-sleeve or collared jersey, casual shoes or leather sandals. Carnival is funny about allowing jeans, some say yes, some say no.
your boys don't need to wear a jacket for formal night. A nice pair of slacks, shirt/tie and dress shoes.
daytime wear - sounds fine, the boys with be living in their bathing suits, shorts & t-shirts.
Outfits for the baby sound just fine.
thank you

I've been all over Carnival's website, and can't find anything that specifically forbids jeans, but they also don't suggest them. You think even on kids it would be an issue? None of our cruise docs, etc. mentions jeans yes or no.

we're buying their slacks this weekend for formal night (they've outgrown the ones they have from last fall....) and I'm trying to decide how many to buy.

maybe I'll give Carnival a call & see what they say....
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