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Hi folks......I am in total agreement with Nikki. I was there a couple of years ago, and felt very scared there. My brother in law almost got attacked because he threw a seed from a piece of fruit in his trash can on the street. I think the gentleman would have rather he just dropped it on the street with all the other garbage and grime and smell and soot.

I will give it this.......we did not do an excursion on this island so I did not get to see the beauty these people are talking about outside the port area. We tried to do shopping there, but felt very weird. I did not like the experience, nor do I ever plan to get off the ship if I am in that port again. And No.....I too am not confusing this with the Dominican Republic. This id Dominica, from the Carnival Destiny right after going to ST. Thomas and prior to Barbados.

I have been on many, many cruises, and been to many islands. This is the only one I would ever tell someone how bad it was. I would not suggest staying on the ship, as you should see the filfth for yourself. Maybe you will be among the group of people here who think it is a wonderful place.

I am always so kind to the locals on any island.......I was kind to these people. I don't feel using a trash can is such a bad idea........well I was very scared, and we got right back on the ship....never to go there again.
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