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Originally Posted by Dorothy
I happen to disagree about the jeans issue, but amaretto is correct, they are not expressly forbidden in the dining room and you will see them.

You and your sons will have a wonderful time, no matter how you are dressed, however.

Happy sailing.

Thank you -- I'm really trying to dress the kids appropriately (me & dh I have covered, !)

I just got back from shopping and picked up the following:
8 yr old -- khaki slacks, white shirt w/navy dressy plaid & navy blazer

5 yr old -- dark khaki/olive slacks, white shirt w/thin dark plaid (more like pin stripes that go horizontal & vertical, not exactly plaid...); the color of the stripes matches the color of the slacks (this was wedding attire we had at home, that fit the 8 yr old 2 yrs ago, now fits the 5 yr old)

1 yr old -- black cordurory (sp??) pants & a white shirt with red & black pin stripe plaid (like above shirt, for lack of better term); I know cords are heavy weight for the Carribean, but in our rural town, dressy/formal wear is only available at Christmas & Easter, at least for kids, so it was this or nothing

we will probably add ties for the boys as well, if we can find them.

I also picked up a pair of dockers type pants for each boy, will pack jeans for back-up in case of spills, and dressy slacks-style shorts for extra back-up, just in case.

I think we're set -- thanks, all!!
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