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I'm not upset!

I just said I don't consider it tacky to buy a knockoff. I also said I don't buy them.

Illegal? Yes -- in this country, it is supposed to be illegal to sell them, and there have been some people shut down for doing it. I'm not sure of the laws involved.
But as far as owning them, I don't know. You aren't going to have the purse police trying to enforce an anti-counterfeit designer bag law.

Other countries have different laws. I saw a store in Nassau, and one in Grand Cayman, that sold knockoffs.
Also saw a lot of fakes at various street booths on several islands.
I saw a fake LV -- the small purse -- for $100 in St. Thomas. The real ones are about $200 -- so why spend so much for a fake? At least that's my feeling on that particular item.

I don't buy bootleg movies.
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