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Assuming they are strict, suggestions for dh & I being able to enjoy the pool if we can't take baby? He's too young for the camp carnival....are we just out of luck?? (this is going on my comment card at the end, btw; carnival does not have this policy on their website that I can find; I would have majorly reconsidered planning a cruise if dh, baby & I can't swim at all)
Thanks for any tips/advice!! I appreciate it!

The regulations are those of the CDC, not the cruiselines - and ALL cruiselines have the same rules. It only takes a bit of ecoli to totally contaminate a pool - and the youngsters would suffer most as they are most susceptible to infection. Sorry you were not aware of this prior to booking a cruise. You could get a small blow-up pool for your balcony and perhaps take turns going to the pool with DH.
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