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Originally Posted by gerif
The regulations are those of the CDC, not the cruiselines - and ALL cruiselines have the same rules. It only takes a bit of ecoli to totally contaminate a pool - and the youngsters would suffer most as they are most susceptible to infection. Sorry you were not aware of this prior to booking a cruise. You could get a small blow-up pool for your balcony and perhaps take turns going to the pool with DH.
thanks. I have no problem with the guidelines themselves, I'm just perterbed that the cruise lines do not make it known prior to sending you the cruise docs once you've booked. My fault for not researching before booking, I guess.

Our next cruise will not be until after baby is potty-trained, and had I known of this regulation, I wouldn't have booked this cruise yet either. We'll make the most of it, won't let it stop us from enjoying ourselves, but my comment card at the end of the cruise will read something like "Pool restrictions for babies should be readily available on the website and prior to booking a cruise."
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