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Problem is, if you stay at home since it makes you feel safe, then fine.
But the rest of world is still out will not go away.

You cannot wrap yourself as an individual or a nation in a comfort blanket and hope all the "bad men go away".....they will not.

If they see you doing that...then they win.

If you have the balls to experience life out with your comfort zone, they lose and have to think again.

There maybe 5 people killed by a bomb attack, that's tragic. But if it puts off 500,000 from traveling, then they win.

It's time to stand up within reason regarding the place you are going too, and not the "unknown" threat of coming out from under your comfort blanket, because as we have all seen the "bad men" can get under there as well.

No hiding place, just the ability to stick two fingers up and say I'm getting on with my life.
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