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Default Special needs child on Victory

I have a daughter with Down Syndrome. I am taking her on the Victory, Feb 2005, for her 18th Birthday. This will be her first cruise! I have a couple of questions if anyone is able to answer.

1.) Will she be able to participate in Camp Carnival, if she wanted to? (she will be 18 I know, but mentally on some things she is like a 4-5 year old, other things she is like 9-10, and yet others typical 17 year old). She is a 10th grader in High School, where she mainstreams.

2.) Will I have any problems taking her to any of the shows? Age appropriate of course.

3.) Being this is her first cruise, which side of the boat would be best for when we are heading into ports? I am getting a balcony room and want her to see the sights as we enter and leave. (crowds can overwhelm her sometimes, so figured this would be best). I've been on 2 carnival cruise's before. First was the SS Mardi Gras, (retired after my cruise,) second was the Destiny in 99. On deck leaving a port was quite crowded.

4.) Is there anything else you can recommend to help make this more memorable for her? I saw where you can let them know you are celebrating something on the sights. Not sure if they offer anything else. I already have plans to take balloons etc and decorate our cabin for her :-)
Thank you for the advise or help in advance. I really appreciate it.
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