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Default travelguard and

OK...still looking for insurance. I am insurance illerate! I understand the fact of now not buying insurance from Carnival (as I have always done in the past and yes, did have to go through red tape on one delay and got nothing) so I looked at Travel guard. They have several different options. What is the most common? The prices with travelguard are much better but 1/2 the coverage as what carnival had offered. What option does everyone go through? My next cruise - to panama canal which includes a plane flight, I purchased the insurance with carnival not knowing any better at the time of booking. I can't cancel now as it is to late (I think they only give you 10 days to cancel). But, the cruise after that - on the Fantasy out of N.O. involves no flight - but only a 2 hour drive - and my main concern is cancellation due to hurricane. If a hurricane is coming my way I'd have to cancel due to my obligations with work. I guess my question is - what plan do you go with out of the 4 offered with Travelguard?? Thanks!
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