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I don't know, but there seems to be more of this stuff going around on ships. I don’t get or accept the "serial killer scenario".

What I can accept is this

People work hard, we all do, but give them their vacation time to relax, be with their family, sort out the problems they live with back home, either in work pressure, debt, family problems etc and add alcohol then things happen, not because of others on the ship, but the baggage some people bring onboard as individuals.

Hey... I'm honest enough to say that I have walked out the house, sat in the garage or car, walked the block in a fit of temper, done stupid thing after a few beers and said and done things I regret. Hey I'm human, and I wake up the next day and try to sort it out.

But for all of the stupid things I may have done in these situations, and no matter the black mood is was in. To take that into jumping off a ship is one you cannot take back or sort out the next day.

I cannot imagine that feeling for all the emotion, anger or helplessness going on in someone’s head, of hitting that water and watching that ship sail away into the dark.

What a cold wake up call to reality that would be, cant sort that out tomorrow. And I really feel that a lot of what we are talking about is people for whatever reason in their own head at that time doing just that.

And yes drink is a catalyst towards these things, as it shoves that person’s reality into another dimension.
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