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Default Re: Diamond Club on Freedom Questions

Originally Posted by royboy8

As a first time Diamond member who has not booked a suite can anyone give me the following information.

Can I get access to the concierge suite on freedom or just the Diamond lounge? and can you just go in anytime and get a free drink like a red wine,also do you just go in and help yourself or will somone serve you a drink bit confused what the deal is??
Had alook at a picture on the web and it seems to have fridges full of beer etc mmmmmmmmm

Thanks for any info

If you are a Diamond member booked in a suite, you will have access to both. If you are Diamond booked in any thing other than a suite, you will only have access to the Diamond Lounge. If you are not a Diamond member, but booked in a suite, you will have access to the Concierge Lounge only. Did that make sense?? ;-)

While I can't tell you specifically about the concierge lounge, I can tell you about the Diamond Lounge:

The Diamond Lounge is self serve drinks. In the evening hours, they have limited alcohol and a few different wines, along with hor dourves (sp?).
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