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Hi Jen...lets keep cost out of this for any of the nations and people willing to stand up and go into the world.

Personally, I salute them as they have the balls to say that they will lead there own lives and these guys aint getting the better of me.

If people like us think " I cant go there" because my goverment may have to rescue me...then those that would pin us in our own boundary win.

Our troops go into places that NO you should not go to, but for those places not deemed as war zones, go..

For one it backs up and supports the principal of why they are there...freedom and two yes I will pay a few bucks to protect my fellow country men,if they need rescued, as these guys are flying a flag.

Why on that side of the pond does cost always have to come into it, as if someone got something for free?

Babe, look at the bigger picture.
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