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Default If in doubt about clothing choices, seek out the Maitre D

this simple act will solve ALL your cruise dressing questions.
I know it won't help with the packing, but if you have any questions, seek him out.
common questions: "My luggage hasn't arrived to my stateroom yet, will i be ok wearing this(travel clothes)? Same thing for last night, "I would like to wear my travel clothes to dinner tonight, would what i am wearing be ok?" as for the jeans issue, again, ask him, would it be permissible to wear a nice pair of clean, not worn, tattered, ripped or baggy jeans with a polo shirt or a nice jersey in your dining room on CASUAL night".

I am speaking from personal experience. The Maitre D totally appreciates the fact that you respect his position and that you would go out of your way to seek him out. 9 times out of 10 if your outfit choices are REASONABLE and within the general guidelines he will tell you that your outfit choice will be just fine.
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