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Default Turn off the tips?

Call me old-fashioned...and I'm only 21, so not really...but I prefer to look someone in the eye, thank them personally for a job well done, and give them the gratuity I think they deserve. Also, I believe if someone knows they have a tip coming automatically, they may not perform as they would otherwise.

So my question is: What about turning the prepaid tips off? I know you can do it at the info desk or concierge. I'd much rather hand my waiter a 5 or 10 each night and see the appreciative smile. However, if you go and turn the tips off for a particular service or person, does a cruise line use this against their employees? (I.E. If management saw a waiters/room stewards "automatic" tips were decreased, or turned off, do they use this in rating or evaluating the employees?)

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