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Default Re: Turn off the tips?

Originally Posted by armybravo
So my question is: What about turning the prepaid tips off? I know you can do it at the info desk or concierge. I'd much rather hand my waiter a 5 or 10 each night and see the appreciative smile. However, if you go and turn the tips off for a particular service or person, does a cruise line use this against their employees? (I.E. If management saw a waiters/room stewards "automatic" tips were decreased, or turned off, do they use this in rating or evaluating the employees?)

If you turn off the tips and tip each waiter daily it would cost a LOT more than the daily rate of auto tips.
Also check if that cruiseline has "pooled tips" then the waiter must turn in any cash you give them to the pool to be shared.
You could leave the auto tip on and just tip a bit extra.
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