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Rescuedad, that is a really good point and I think it is where we may have crossed swords wrongly… as I may have miss understood your point...not new for me

My thing is ignorant people, "I am not going to cruise in Eastern Europe, because there is trouble in..xxxxxx.." and that place is usually hundreds of miles away from "the action"...That’s ignorance or fear of something never to be a reality.

Put it this way if there was a problem, the ships would not go there or near it. So I'm talking people on normal vacations across our “normal? world.

BUT, people that as individuals that have had some mad "idea" or a personal "crusade" to go and help these ?supposed? poor sympathy as they placed themselves into that danger zone....and you should not have gone in the first place. These are not tourists that we are talking about.

However, some people not go on a "crusade" but through work sometimes have to go into these places and if they are kidnapped etc, then I have major sympathy.. And that goes for people that work for the major charities etc, who can as an organization change things for these people affected, but not some deluded “evangelistic?.

If the whole point was vacations only, then you and your TA would have be mental to allow people to be placed in a position of danger

And if you do and go for it, then you’re stupid…So just get on with it, it was your call.

Really I think we are talking about mentalists here that think they can go and "change" the world forgetting the potential consequences of their actions, and not "ordinary" people on vacation.

Or in this case, do I really understand “who? or “what? these people where doing that placed them in danger that their government had to rescue them?. Someone please explain that has seen the coverage. as some of us do not get your television reports..
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