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Hi Everyone,

We are a nice content gay couple from Massachusetts. We share the same first name (Paul) and the same age...and we got legally married in June 2004 three weeks after our state allowed same-sex marriage. If you get married here in Massachusetts, one person can take their spouse's last name...but in our case, that wouldn't work. Same first and last name...I don't think so!
So we are the Pauls.

When we cruise, our new tablemates love it that we make it easy for them to remember our name.

When we got married, we waited four months to take our honeymoon. In October 2004, we sailed on the Mercury and booked a Royal Suite. We spent 4 days in San Francisco prior to the cruise because my husband ( I love saying that!!!) had never been there and then we hopped on the Mercury for 11 days to Mexico.

We were amazed at how well we were treated on the Mercury. The social director insisted that we attend the Honeymooners and Anniversary Party, which we did. When we entered the party, we saw a few confused looks but Winnie, the social director, informed the attendees that we were from Massachusetts and that yes, we were legally married. The response was extremely positive...I guess it also helped that most of the cruisers came from the San Francisco area.

Our wish is that all our brothers and sisters in the other 49 states will have that opportunity one day. My husband and I have been together for 12 years and getting married was the most important day of our lives!

Now if I can only get him to clean out the garage!!!

Paul and Paul
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