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In regards to the post about everyone wanting to be in the US. That is in no way true! Actually, if you speak to most crew members, after a few contracts, you will find the last place they want to the USA.
and also, there are hardly any crewmembers on ship from the usa. If there is, they are usually musicians...dancers, and only hag out..with each other...

I met my fiance onboard, he is Croatian, and i am British. We cannot decide where we want to live after one more year on ships. So instead of choosing one persons country, we are considering getting a house in Italy.
But really, it is no way true that anyone just wants to get in the usa...crew members cant wait to get away from the place after a few me!

Also, in regards to crew not being able to talk to passengers...that is no true either... i don't know where people get these stories from...but they make it seem like a floating prison! We do live a normal life onboard! a crazy fun life and i wouldnt change it for it world...
Emma xox
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