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I will admit that being the curious type, during my first contract back in 1983 I learned all the stairways etc to get to the main aglley so I could raid the fridge at night. Honestly, there wasn't much there to see. And I never did any harm. I just hoped there might be some pastry or something.

By my second contract 1993, things were more tightened down for crew in the cruise industry so I wouldn't go places I really wasn't supposed to be. If you got caught you would be in trouble.

I can tell you though, that in 93 all ships I was on had two crew decks, mine was on top (for the staff, casino, shoppies and lesser officers), but the one below was for the waiters and stewards, and I often heard the music booking through the floor all night long.

As a stage manager I ofeten hung with the musicians, who on Royal Viking were Polish. Boy oh boy coud they drink! We had a magician on board who hung out with us, and there is nothing as funny as watching sleight of hand when you are very drunk.

Problem was, the Poles always wanted to get me drunk and the Brits (photogs) always wanted to start fights. Had some rough nights back then. But I loved working on a small luxury line. All the passengers were in bed by 11:30 (so, we could be back in our cabins partying by midnight). We hit a lot of very interesting places, and the onboard food was excellent. Much better than the mass market ship that did the same itinerary every week for 4 months.
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