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My hubby has worked for NCLA for over a year now. His initial MMD was only 1 yr since we were waiting on his green card renewal. He has gone thru getting it extended now.

He has worked on POA and is now on POH.

He averages about 70 hrs a week working, no weekends off, no full days off. He always works at least one shift a day, mostly breakfast on his days off, sometimes breakfast and dinner but is off during lunch. The days are long, starting at 5am and ending anywhere from 10p to 1 am. He has worked his way into the speciality dining so makes a bit more and works longer hours but for the money he likes it.

Life on board is hard, they have 3 to a cabin, and the cabins are small. They must keep their cabin clean or they will be flagged and cannot leave the ship when they have time off. They are not allowed to have more than 2 drinks in the crew bar a night, some ships are more strict than others.

The work is not easy. People quit every day because they cannot take the hours and work.

He is there because he can make more money than working on land and is saving up to pay off bills and start a business and this was the fastest way for it to happen.
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