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Originally Posted by DavidBgood
All 100% agreed, but you can only do it so many times, "the line". Yes I've been there in line when some folks that are actually still on the ship have not even got out of bed yet!!!!. That’s frustrating, I just want on.

So..and this is really hard to do, I now aim for the later times to go on board, and usually we just walk through, including no Q's at check in etc etc.

So no matter where I am in the world prior to boarding, we have a late breakfast, wander about the port, and then when we feel the massive, have done the pain of Q lines, we go onboard.

No-one is going to steal your cabin.....its going to be there 3 hours later and without all the pain to get to it!
My head knows your right....but right I write my heart...I know that as soon as we see the ship...we're in line!!!!! Maybe after we've cruised a bit longer we'll be more casual about boarding.

The key for us might be to plan to do something in the morning before we board? Maybe a little shopping or a small tour? A fun distraction might help.
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