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Originally Posted by colorcrazie
For me, even a morning distraction wouldn't work. I can't help it. My vacation starts when I board the ship and I love it so much that every minute counts. 35 cruises has not changed my attitude a smidgeon. I'm still like a kid at Christmas the day we sail.
Marty: Yup...I was afraid of that! When we see the's like 'love at first sight'...

On one cruise, our Hotel was right near the Port...It was a really nice Hotel, breakfast included...a spa..the works...but from our window we could see our ship arrive in Port, she looked so beautiful! ...Sooooooo, rather than slowly packing and having a nice breakfast...we rushed to get to the Port...WHY???? We had plenty of time....We just can't help it!
Glad we're not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!
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