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Default I can't Cruise, but I will Share this....

A Military Moms Prayer :
Thank you God!
I'm so grateful for,
You bringing my son home,
From that awful war!
Thank you that he's safe and sound!
And no more bombs will hit the ground.
As around the base where he once stayed,
Now he's home, he's alive, he's SAFE!!
But, I'm still far from where he is,
My prayer to you my God is this...
May he sleep in peace tonight,
Wrapped in the arms of his loving wife.
May his daughter wake to find him there,
And bless the days they'll get to share. Amen.

Written by : Krazy'Bout Kruisin',
Proud Air Force mom of
SrA John C.W. III
Security Forces "Operation Iraqi Freedom"
Our last cruise: March 2002 "Soveriegn of the Seas"
My 1st Cruise: September 2001 "Majesty of the Seas"
Next Cruise>>>Who knows? <LOL> I'm trying!! I'm trying!!
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