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MrMate Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 1:59 pm Post subject:


First of all - officers are in the deck and engine dept. These are people who have years of training aimed especially for ships. Other department may have people in management or be key personnel, but in my eyes they will NEVER be officers.

Deck and engine officers have the overall responsibility of the ship - whethter it has passengers onboard or not and is not fair to us that anyone can call themselves an office just because they have a management job onboard.

Im not really sure how u can say that, and i really hop u get a chance to read this. granted i dont know what u do on a ship but ya those guys keep the ship going from point a to point b, so take all you other officers off the ship that are not related to deck and engine dept. and lets see how well that trip goes with 3,600+ guest abord the ship. Think before you write things im sure u dont interact with many guest or it would be very easy 4 you to see the point of my message.
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