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Default Re: Ran out of Crystal cruises, thinking of Oceania

Originally Posted by Tom1996
When we first started cruising we sailed several time with Holland America but after sailing on Crystal we could not go back to HAL. After sailing 9 times on Crystal, and after Crystal reduced their fleet from three ships to two, we are having a problem finding a suitable cruise.

We are now thinking of sailing on Oceania to the Caribbean. However, after reading about some of the experiences that some folks had on Oceania I am getting scared. The care that we received from Crystal has always been outstanding and I fear that my cruise experience on Oceania will be disappointing.

A sour note on a cruise, like lost luggage, stolen property, last-minute bumping, poor response to a problem, can sour a whole vacation. That is why we never take our car to the airport. Were we to find our car damaged in the parking lot it would take all of the joy out of our vacation. After spending thousands for a vacation, spending for car service is a minor expense.

Oceania is getting harder to book also, I guess this is why they are getting a 4th ship.
Let's see lost luggage should be a airline problem, even when booked with a cruise, unless somehow Oceania lost it.
Stolen property, last minute bumping, etc. IMHO happens on all lines, you just see more of it posted about Oceania because, FDR (Frank Del Rio) reads the boards, and some people think the can get more done (and out of) with Oceania by posting their problems on the boards.
I can not tell you how good Oceania is because we do not cruise with them until Jan. 2007, but they seem to have everything I want and do not want on their ships, little or no smoking, good food, good service, small ship, and new ports sometimes.
We are old HAL people so we are use to the good service and food that they had a few years back, but it got so bad we decided to change lines also.
The bad things I have seen on the boards about Oceania is that their cabins are smaller, and you have to be in a PH or above to have a tub, also over half the rooms do not have refer's, which with the age group they draw from you would think they would all have one to store their Med's in.
I hope this has helped you a little, and maybe more people will post who have been on a O cruise.

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