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Default Re: Best Cruise line and best time of year to cruise Alaska


Originally Posted by lkirkland
This is my first time cruising alaska which is the best ship and when is the best time to go would love to go in jan is this a good time
Alaska's mountains probably would be quite spectacular in January, when they are covered with snow, but I'm not aware of any ships that cruise there at that time of year. Nearly all ships that ply Alaskan waters leave for warmer climes -- Hawai'i, Mexican Riviera, Panama Canal, the Caribbean, and even exotic destinations like Australia and New Zealand and South America -- in September and return to Alaskan waters in May.

As to choice of ship (or at least cruise line), I would strongly recomend sticking wih your favorite line If you have not cruised before, do your homework -- stop in a bookstore, buy a guidebook to cruise lines and cruise ships (Fodor's, Frommer's, Sterns, and Berlitz are very good), read the descriptions of the various lines carefully, and choose a line that seems like a good match for your personality. A reputable travel agent also can assist you in this process. The cruise industry is far from monolithic, and you will get the most bang for the buck on a line that's a good match for your preferred lifestyle.

Have a great cruise, whatever you decide!

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