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Default Carnival Elation Review july 18-25,2004

We booked our 3rd Carnival cruise on the Carnival Elation july 18-25,2004 and had a BLAST!!Here is our Review!
(Galveston, fun day at sea, Progresso, Cozumel, Belize, fun day at sea, fun day at sea, Galveston)

Bording: On Sunday Morning really early we woke up ,got ready and left for Galveston..We got in Galveston around 9:00 and had to wait in a little waiting room until the customs opened for us to go in..Finally after waiting we got to go through all the customs and get our s/s card ect.!After a little bit more of is now about 12:55 this guy told us how we where going to bored and all..

First look at inside of the Elation: When we walked in our first look was at the big atrium!!With the atrium bar and the grand staircase with glass elevators it was just breath taking!!!!!Also the ship smelled clean!

Cabin: Our Cabin was a little bit lower than what we normally book..but we where very much pleased with it! We had cabin numbers R170 and R182 on the Riviera deck!!We actually liked the lower deck! The only thing about it we did not like was that for the safety drill we had to climb 9 flights of stairs because they would not let us use the elevators..!The rooms are also quite big! And in the window you can sit in it..our girls like to do that!!

Food Tiffanys: Tiffanys is located on the Lido deck the 10th deck where the pool is .They serve hamburgers, Hotdogs, And different country foods etc. But something that you should not miss is the Pizza!!Its very yummy!!

Dinning room: We ate in the early inspiration dining room. First we had waiters Joel and Rita but we had to change tables and got Henry and Nicholae !They where all the best!!In the dining room thats where the best food is!!They have a prime rib to die for! There are so many different good stuff to get in the formal dining room that i cant name all of them!!!The day you set sail they do not do this but the very first full day you have been on the ship the waiters sing, dance(and you can dance with them)!Its really fun!!My 4 year old just had a ball!!!

Activities to do: The day you set sail there is a sail away party where you play games and learn a dance...its fun!!
And also through out the cruise the ship dancers teach you different dances such as the Austin Powers dance, How to Salsa dance and tons more!!Some other activites are the mens harry chest comp.,fun ship survior, Passenger talent show, not so newly wedding game (VERY FUNNY!!),karaoke , Disco ect!!

Ports of call: Well..we went to Progresso, Cozumel and we where supposed to go to Belize but did not get to get to get off the ship because of the transportation strike!!..but the caption said over the speaker and said that they were going to make the we where supposed to be in Belize a fun day at sea and then the next day be in Playa del Carmen!!

Progresso: In Progresso we did not go to town because we did not want to ride the bus all the way! But instead right where the bus waiting place is there are these little shops that you can go and shop!!Very clean!!and its just anough if you do not want to ride the bus!!

Cozumel: This was our 3rd time in Cozumel! Its great! When we docked there where two other Carnival Ships there..The Carnival Fascination and Glory. After we docked three other ships docked,the Disney Magic right beside us(when they docked the Disney horn was "When you wish apoun a star!!) and the Celebrity Century and the Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the seas! Cozumel was loaded with ships!!We went to Playa mia beach (the old playa del sol beach)!We had a good time there but it was just WAY WAY WAY TO HOT!!!So then we left back for the ship!

Belize: Well cant say much about Belize because of the strike..But i know it would have been fun!!

Playa del Carmen: Insted of Belize we went to Playa del Carmen..Witch was The prettiest town ever!!The only thing that we did not like where the Big tenders!!They are soooo much different then the ones that where in Belize!!In Playa del Carmen we just walked around the beautiful town!!!

Galveston :On Sunday morning we where SICK!!!We had to get off !!That was the worst part of the cruise!!!ughhh!!But now we are getting for are next cruise on the Carnival Ecstasy 11-11-04!!CANT WAIT!!!

Thanks!!If you have any questons about the Elation just ask!!!
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