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I went to Belize in 2004. I had a great time. The tenders were a bit of a waste of time, but a pleasant ride, almost an excursion in themselves. They are right about the tourist zone. I understand what will happen if you venture outside. I know bad things can happen. Thanks for the info. on the tour guide.

You know, come to think of it. I wonder if Bob works for the cruise excursion companies to create fear so people will use their services.

Bob, I am so glad you live in Illinois in the good ole USA. Wow are you lucky. We have no crime here. If you venture outside the port area in most metropolitain areas you will be perfectly safe. I know if you walked around downtown miami, especially at nite you would not have any problems. I highly recommend it. A bum will not lay on your windshield trying to clean it for you on the bridge coming from the port. Demanding money, scaring you terribly. That will never happen. Or you could get on the metro rail, heading west, that is perfectly safe. If you do have problems. You will eventually find a policeman. They are the ones just sitting in their car. You could go over and tap on their window. Much the same experience could be found in Ft. Lauderdale.

Wow, it is so great here. You will never get robbed, never shot for no reason, all contractors will do exactly what you ask and never run off with your money and not deliver services. Noone has ever run into a situation where medical attention is needed and not taken them right away for help. And every hospital is ready for immediate attention. Every hospital would admit you telling you they have a specailist that you deperately need on call. Only to tell you hours later that they didnt even have one on call, much less know how to contact him.

Now I will get the response from all those that say "love it or leave it". Why dont you get out.

Well the point is. You just have to be careful when you travel. Stuff will happen. But, when you go on your own, there is a reason you are saving all that money. You are giving up some things, like safety, reliability, etc.

I have travelled on my own many times outside the established excursion system. I have never really had too much of a problem, but I know one day I will. Like the time I was riding in a bus in the curvy mountainous Andes and the teenager driver was only interested in chatting with his friends and how soon he could get back home. The faster for him, meant more free time. You have heard this type of story. I beleive earlier this year a bus fell off the mountains there for similar reasons, inattention, carelessness.

Well Bob, I highly recommend excursions in downtown Chicago. Especially tegrenne area (or however spelled), the projects. There are lots of friendly locals there.

One has to be careful, here, there, everywhere!
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