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Originally Posted by san007
justas I thought. I surprised my cabin steward when he was ding the bed and no he did not change the sheets. He was like a deer caught in the headlights. I knew they were taking shortcuts. We left pretzals on the floor in different places. The pretzzels remain there to the end of the cruise. the standing water was ridiculous. I also asked for another clean comforter and sheets and never got it. He was nt a good cabin steward and niether was his help. they don't seem to care anymore.
That would have lasted about 30 seconds!!!! We would have stood there until he brought another comforter! As far as sheets...I don't believe they change them everyday, or it may depend on if you have a suite and how many days you are cruising.

So far (7 cruises) we've had good cabin stewards and assistants. When we've had a complaint they took care of it right away.

Rather than time go to the next level...and speak directly with their supervisor or go to Guest Services and let them know! It may be that the cabin steward needed a little 'kick in the pants' so to speak. Sort of a 'jump start'...

If you ignore a service won't go away OR get just gets further entrenched. They think they are getting away with it and you DON'T CARE.
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